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Amazing sleeveface


I like very much this kind of sleeveface

The magical shelf for books

The magical shelf optical illusion for books
It’s a real product. If you think about it real hard, you might be able to figure it out and make it for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it.

Tatoo : Smokin’ Cat on Back


Genko‘s tattoos have various influences from traditional Asian art to cartoons and old school designs.

Anamorfic realistics paintings from Kurt Wenner

Anamorfic realistics paintings from Kurt Wenner.

Great optical illusions


Tatoos , use them as shirts

Matt Jordan is known within the tattoo industry for his realistic portraits of people and animals.


Use this tatoos as shirts

Impossible triangle on tatoo



Triangle impossible on tatoo

Robocop on tatoo


If you want to look like robocop


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