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Optical Illusions in Leonardo da Vinci´s art


N2 Da Vinci and beyon is a personal blog dedicated to sharing the discovery of amazing hidden images and optical illusions found within ALL of LEONARDO DA VINCI’s works of art. Special techniques such as the “Hologram Effect” are skillfully employed by the ingenious artist/inventor to hide layer upon layer of hidden images throughout his paintings, drawings, study sheets and sketches…

L.A. Jansann is the artist who are looking for this hidden images


2 Responses

  1. n2davinciandbeyond.com hasn’t updated since July 2008, since it appears a dead blog, i’ll comment here. I think you can imagine all sorts of nthings in pictures that may or may not be there, especially in pictures with much detail and shading, and turning it upside down, processing to negative image, etc. N2 suggests many such allusions, and provides tiny marked up suporting graphics to see for yourself, images far too small to develop conclusive findings

    interesting for thought nonetheless

  2. leonardo da vinci ❤ was sexy 😉

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