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¿Drunk? or an optical effect



This way is how you see a face when you are getting drunk.

Maybe if you  stare looking this picture you can get the same headhache.

This is a strange optical effect


5 Responses

  1. OK i am drunk so it looks normal to me but i will look at it in the morning and see the difference but its really making me dizzy.

  2. i dont get it it dont work

  3. wow that pic is messed up!!

  4. so irm drunk lol iok so i just seaer hced this adnd if it it lookie like to me that if you astate at this pic tsu s fore a liong time itrs just a normal facea fcause oyou go crosa eyte’d lo9olol

  5. woahhhhh i cant look at that as i feel travel sick!! ha!

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