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Creative graffiti illusions from all over Brazil



These people have done something really cool in here: they painted over every old wall they found. How they did it? They looked for familiar shapes on those walls and its cockles that might look like faces and then used their skills and paint to make their imagination look real. There is sure a lot more than just old walls out there…






4 Responses

  1. […] Brazil Graffiti Artists Get Down Man these “graffiti” artists in Brazil have taken the natural destruction of their enviroment and worked into their art! Amazing stuff the full article is at   https://opticalillusion.wordpress.com/ […]

  2. thoes graffs are awsome keep it up, ok?

  3. Those pictures don’t look like graffiti, they look more like rock illusions or something. They are still awesome though, and the thought of somebody noticing them, it could be anywhere, find a rock or a wall… you may discover a new piece of art.

  4. Way cool! I found why people use chat speak, (words like u instead of you or 2 instead of the word two) its to hide the fact they can’t spell. Or it could be any other reasons, because I mean a GREAT speller might use it. But it would be for a different reason that they’d use it.

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