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High Dynamic Range photography


High Dynamic Range photography is a technique that allows a wade dynamic range of exposures which increases the tonal and colour detail in photos. HDR photos are new as thecnique of photography and requires good conversions to achieve a hiper-realistic and pleasing final photos. Above shows a HDR version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

HDR Photography is not for everyone as some simply do not like the surrealistic effect but if you do, check out these beautiful HDR photographs at Abduzeedo.


4 Responses

  1. I love taking HDR photo’s.

  2. […] El tiempo acompaño porque no hacía muy bueno y había nubes pero también había bastante luz, así que las fotos quedan bien. Esta incluso parece una foto HDR. […]

  3. I love looking at HDR photos. They are stunning and works of art. But are they photography or cheating? That’s the question I can’t decide on.

  4. superb!!!..@.@..

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