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How to make a rainbow at home

Here is a tip to make your own Rainbow.
Fill a glass of water (almost to the top) and place it at the very edge of the counter in a dark kitchen. Place a sheet of plain white paper on the floor a few inches away from the counter. Put two pieces of masking tape over the front of a flashlight so that the light comes out of a slit about 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) wide. Shine this light across and down into the water as shown in the figure. When a narrow beam of light is passed through a glass of water, a spectrum can be seen on a white sheet of paper.

Can you see a small rainbow on the white paper? If not, move the flashlight around a little until you achieve the best results.

Now that you know what to look for, you will begin to notice small rainbows wherever sunlight falls on water, glass, or plastic that has a tapered shape. Look for rainbows produced by the beveled edge of a mirror or a chandelier.

59 Responses

  1. I need to know what materials you need for this project and the hypothesis. The project is making a rainbow.

  2. boring

  3. nice i love this project and im doin git for my 8th grade science fair

  4. fun boy like to have fun.

  5. NO i want to know how it came on the sky

  6. esy hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm

  7. wat kind of tape do u need like clear or non seethrough!?!?

  8. dis is very useful info i like this website. any vhild can use this

  9. this doesn’t make sense!

  10. this will be one of the coolest science fair projects i have ever done in the great school st.monica scholars i think i will win first place.

  11. great advice on how to make a rainbow

  12. Ever heared of FengShui crystals …
    They are polished crystals with many faces
    Hang them up at your windows where you have sun and your house will be filled with rainbowspots ….

    You can also make mobiles like that to hang up and the spots will be moving …

  13. this dont work

    • ohhh… really cuz im going to try this for my science project my teacher is makeing us do this. so yeah i need this to work. 😛

  14. Awesome just did it for my 2 and 4 yr olds and worked like a charm. You need opaque tape so that it blocks almost all the light with the exception of the thin slit you leave open. The rainbow can be seen on light colored rug and your skin!

  15. I like this project I’m going. To do it for my science fair project!!! YES

  16. im doing this 4 my 8th grade science project!!!!!!!

  17. Does This Really Work? It Better Because Im Doing This For A School Project

  18. i dont like it i need to to know the matirials and problem and hypothesis aaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  19. can you give me the possible hypothesis of the tittle”How to make a rainbow at home” with conclussion and materials needed.

  20. im doning this for my 6th grade project i got stupid notes cuz my partners think thry’e for babys.

    I’m cathy d. i go to ams and i like niko c. (a guy at my school)

  21. Wow, this is a good 8th grade science project! Thanks for sharing this.

  22. love this so awesome i did it for a science fair project and i won

  23. im doing this 4 my 5th grade science project!!!!!!!

  24. well you sure did a lot a research Good Job! But why the tape in the flashlight?

  25. thank you this was very helpful

  26. It is a spectrum,not a rainbow.

  27. perfect im don it for my science fairr!!!

  28. This is great. Just helped me explain to my 4 year old where rainbows come from.

  29. I had been researching for ideas for my personal website and encountered ur post, “How to make a rainbow at home Optical illusion”, would
    you mind in the event that I personally apply a number of ur ideas?
    Thx ,Mohamed

  30. I consider this article , “How to make a rainbow at home Optical illusion”, extremely entertaining and it was indeed a superb read.
    Thanks a lot-Sadie

  31. does it work?

  32. this does not work !!!!!

  33. Yo Me and my friend Gabby are doing this 6th grade project and it’s due on friday! help us! >.<

  34. it is our topic for tomorrow

  35. Awsome trick to making a rainbow at home!

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