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3D chalk urban artists

Constantly companies and associations email me proposals to hire me as their 3D chalk drawing contract-artist. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you people, but that’s just not my profession. You’ll probably get more success googling for Julian Beever or Kurt Wenner. Contact them, I’m sure they can help. You can see showcase of their recent stuff inside our “3D chalk Drawings Category”. One of the recent campaigns, where 3D chalk artist was hired to advertise a product can be seen directly below. Look at this “Journey to the Center of The Earth” sidewalk drawing. It surely attracts attention. This is yet another example how optical illusions can help advertisers market their product (something I was always trying to explain). I have added few more recent works, mostly by Beever and Kurt Wenner. We didn’t have much chalk drawings lately, so I hope this looks refreshing.


One Response

  1. This is… incredible! Wow, I never thought anybody could do that! Does it actually look like that when you stand there for real, or does the effect only appear in photos? Because, wouldn’t it look all flat in real life?

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