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A modern version of this classical optical illusion

Remember the classic “Young Woman or an Old Hag” post we longtime ago? You had the chance to see it all over the web. It can be found below the first image inside this article as well. I just re-posted it for you to refresh your memory. Anyhow, we got this new 3D version for you to enjoy. Can you force yourself to see both figures inside these paintings? An old witch, and a young beautiful woman. Both should be visible to you in each picture.



15 Responses

  1. i don’t see a thing but a young red haired fine lady!

  2. No, I can’t see it in the new picture. Too many colors and extravagances. Poor job I’m afraid. Though she’s a lovely young lady, it fails as an illusion.

  3. I saw clearly both women in the second picture but it was difficult to distinguish the old lady in the first one! I believe the second picture is more impressive!

  4. I prefer the original. In the newer, while I can easily see the lovely and vivid young woman, when I focus on the “hag”, she appears to me more as a clown-like caricature. All said, though, I agree that it is a lovely rendition, just not as effective.

  5. yeah the new picture isnt good.

  6. wow??? i’t ssooo great???

  7. I see the old woman and young girl very clearly in the seconf on. In the first one however, I only see the young one.

  8. i can see the old witch you just have to look really closely

  9. The 3D one takes a little thought to see it, to make it easier the chin is a nose, there are two eyes (one is the ear, the second is the eyelash) and that heart on her neck is the lipstick.

    Focus on the heart and imagine those things and you’ll start to see it.

  10. THT iZ TOO KOUL!!!

  11. hahahahahahah!!!! i see it now. just look at her neck as the mouth, and work ure way up from there lolz

  12. hello this is like so cool it does hurt my eyes though any one agree with me haha please reply x molly holliee

  13. like my name hahaha

  14. I could see it in the thumbnail on google but when I see the picture bigger, the ear doesn’t look like a eye anymore. Anyhow that’s an awesome picture

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