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“The Terrace” , another version of this optical illusion

Great advertisement done by one of the largest Russian mobile communication companies Megafon . If you’ve been following optical illusions sites the photo below may look somehow familiar to you , “The Terrace” optical illusion , successful variations of Sandro Del Prete’s “Folded Chessboard”. If you browse the web, and search for Chessboard Illusions you will find dozen of examples. The Terrace was David Mcdonald’s first published illusion. It proved very popular in the last few years, and it can be found all over the web now. The most interesting part is that when compiling “The Terrace”, David took more than sixty purpose taken photographs, and used them to create this image you see on your left. I’m looking forward to hear you thoughts, and be sure to explain which of the three optical illusions posted today you find the best.


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  1. very nice page…let me add my 2 cents to this blog by sharing a really good gallery of optical illusions at http://appslog.com/blog/1-blog/836-optical-illusions-what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get.html

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