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A Geometric Paradox

A Geometric Paradox or an optical illusion?


Optical illusion . Squares or circles?

In this optical illusion , you see circles or squares?

Optical illusion Bent Effect.


Even though most of  the optical illusions may look exactly the same, I never posted the exact same image twice (except unknowingly). For those of you who still don’t get what so special about the picture below, well it’s just that all of the lines in it are perfectly straight and parallel to each other. I think this is one of the best examples to show the  Bent Effect. Agree?

Orbison optical illusion.


The Orbison illusion is an optical illusion that was first described by the psychologist William Orbison in 1939. The bounding rectangle and inner square both appear distorted in the presence of the radiating lines.

The background gives us the impression there is some sort of perspective. As a result, our brain sees the shape distorted. This is a variant of the Hering and Wundt illusions.

Bourdon optical illusion

The upper side of the left-lower triangle is actually aligned with the upper side of the right-upper triangle, the former appears to tilt counterclockwise while the latter clockwise.

¿Are these lines straight?

These horizontal lines look as they aren´t  parallels , but they are , yes.


Credits: Kitaoka 

A white cilinder painted (optical illusion) or carved and painted

Is this white cilinder only painted in his surface or has been carved and then painted?