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Color change or movement ?

This is a wonderful optical illusion from the Ilusiones opticas siteā€¦ although the outer dots look like they are moving, in reality, they are simply changing colour.

Kitaoka illusion

Moving images in this Kitaoka illusion

Blocks moving or not ?

Those blocks in this image appears to be moving, however its not really moving its just an optical illusion. Take a look at some other moving optical illusion

Expanding Circles Illusion

The rings in this image appear to expand spontaneously.When we approach or move away from rings keeping our eyes fixed on the center, one of the rings appear to rotate in the direction opposite to that of the other and when we approach rings keeping our eyes fixed on the center, something like a star appears inside the rings and appears to rotate in the direction opposite to the apparent rotation of the inner ring.Click on the image for full effect.

Variation of Flotating rice illusion

Look this wavy collection, which consists of three different variations of well known Floating Rice illusion.
You have probably seen still images of this type before, and understand that they only appear to move (in a way of Rotating Snakes illusion), but the effect is non the less intriguing. To enhance the ripple effect of this wacky photo, more your head up and down, and it’ll appear to crumple and wrinkle right in front of your eyes.

Rotating cogs illusion

Another rotating snake illusion, this time as cogs.

Waves of illusion

This image appears to wave , but is absolutely fixed.