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Constructed Photographs (by Gillian Brown)

The photographs of Gillian Brown are specials; Why? you’d probably say at first. But look! don’t conclude things only at the first photo. Go reading and you’ll see few more photos of the same set – only seen from different perspectives.

The truth is that these aren’t just paintings painted over real life photos. How did the author achieve this? The 3D effect these images accomplish works only from certain angle of view.
If you remember our articles about Felice Varini , you’ll immediately recognize the technique and understand how they work.

Adding to photo-montages

Adding to the past post of magic photomontages

Escher-like Illusion

Escher illusion made by Aldo Benedetti

New photo-montages


Two impossible chairs in this optical illusion



Photomontage.Imposible sculpture



Circle sculpture
by CraftLord

The photomontage was created for Illusions contest at Worth1000.com.

The source image is