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Hidden optical illusion of Jesus

In this Jesus face you can find the history of jesus, there are few hidden face of jesus and a statue also

Optical hidden technology

Š¢he essence of the technology lies in plotting shade on paper surface by the electronic matrix containing one or several Hidden images that can be placed on a sheet quite independently from one another or can be applied one upon another. Hidden Image can cover a whole sheet or its definite places.

As per a customer’s wish Hidden Image can carry any information: a company name or logotype, a protecting code, a drawing, etc.

Detection (reading out) of the data containing in the Hidden Image can be implemented by a film decoder to be manufactured for identification of each image. While mapping a relevant decoder on certain places of a letterhead one can see the information carried by this Hidden Image.

Application of several Hidden images mapped one upon another enables to provide three control levels and so to identify a document at all levels of its usage.