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Old Woman and Young Lady Illusion, the original

The picture originates from 1888 in Germany & was first seen public ally on a postcard for the “Anchor Buggy Co” with a caption that reads “You see my wife, but where is my mother in Law?”

The illusion plays on what is called Perceptual Ambiguity, looking at certain regions of the image your mind will play towards one of the enclosed images. For example, staring at the necklace will tilt you more towards seeing the old women whereas staring at the nose will lean you towards the young woman.

20 Beautiful HDR Pictures


Looking around for some new HDR pictures and found this great one . You can see a serie of “20 Beautiful HDR Pictures“.

If you have good HDR pics feel free to send them in.

High Dynamic Range photography


High Dynamic Range photography is a technique that allows a wade dynamic range of exposures which increases the tonal and colour detail in photos. HDR photos are new as thecnique of photography and requires good conversions to achieve a hiper-realistic and pleasing final photos. Above shows a HDR version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

HDR Photography is not for everyone as some simply do not like the surrealistic effect but if you do, check out these beautiful HDR photographs at Abduzeedo.