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New Jesus optical illusion

jesus optical illusion

Here we have another optical illusion .

Jesus optical illusions are usual , as you can see there is an illusion of Jesus in the wear and tear of the football pitch, it is not that hard to catch the image.

Upside down house open to the public

An installation of an upside down house in Trassenheide Germany was opened to the public two weeks ago and was designed by Polish partners Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company.

People who have visited the house reported feeling dizzy and disorientated. An interesting alternative view of every day items and the designers did a great job with the interior. Similar buildings have been designed upside down before but only from the exterior.

More photos

How to make a rainbow at home

Here is a tip to make your own Rainbow.
Fill a glass of water (almost to the top) and place it at the very edge of the counter in a dark kitchen. Place a sheet of plain white paper on the floor a few inches away from the counter. Put two pieces of masking tape over the front of a flashlight so that the light comes out of a slit about 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) wide. Shine this light across and down into the water as shown in the figure. When a narrow beam of light is passed through a glass of water, a spectrum can be seen on a white sheet of paper.

Can you see a small rainbow on the white paper? If not, move the flashlight around a little until you achieve the best results.

Now that you know what to look for, you will begin to notice small rainbows wherever sunlight falls on water, glass, or plastic that has a tapered shape. Look for rainbows produced by the beveled edge of a mirror or a chandelier.

Bag illusion

This is really a very creative and funny bag.

Impossible triangle?

impossible triangle

This is a simple photo of impossible triangles formation. This impossible construction sure looks Escher inspired.
You presume it’s two triangles trapped in an impossible way, but actually it’s only one continuous line if you follow it closely.

Tree Optical Illusion

This look a unbelievable tree, isn’t in?. There are 2 trees, one is place back of the wall and the second one is in front of the wall, and a tree has been cutted so amazingly it look like an illusion

Cave optical illusion

The pool reflection in this cave is one of those amazing optical illusions. With perfectly quiet water, a pool of water can give you a flawless mirror like reflection. In cases like these it´s hard to determine which side is the is the real side and what is the reflection illusion. Or maybe its a perfectly symmetrical cave! …

Incredible photography. The art of Li Wei

Chinese artist Li Wei from Beijing started off his performance series ‘Mirroring’ and later on took off attention with his ‘Falls’ series which shows the artist with his head and chest embedded into the ground. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality. Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and works with the help of props such as mirror, metal wires  and acrobatics.

Source: Li Wei Art

Hidden optical illusion of Jesus

In this Jesus face you can find the history of jesus, there are few hidden face of jesus and a statue also

Rotating cogs illusion

Another rotating snake illusion, this time as cogs.