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Expanding Circles Illusion

The rings in this image appear to expand spontaneously.When we approach or move away from rings keeping our eyes fixed on the center, one of the rings appear to rotate in the direction opposite to that of the other and when we approach rings keeping our eyes fixed on the center, something like a star appears inside the rings and appears to rotate in the direction opposite to the apparent rotation of the inner ring.Click on the image for full effect.

Optical illusions , Preserve Your World , WWF´s campaign

Recently, WWF  released these four billboards with accompanying message – “Preserve Your World, Preserve Yourself”. Is not the first of these public service campaigns using optical illusions, and i like this ,specially when they involve creativity. . So, you should easily be able to spot 3 different faces in these three posters. Probably there is even more stuff hidden there. Which one is your favorite?

Optical Illusions about the moon

optical illusion moon

I have collected differents Moon optical illusions and I think it´s a good idea posting them as a collection.
Each photo uses the Moon as an illusion in a slightly different manner.
This website is dedicated to optical illusions. Now if the illusion itself is good enough, I look at the picture (or photo) as a whole. It has to be visually keen, or plainly – look nice.
moon illusions

optical illusion

magical illsuion

Optical Illusions at this calendar of the Russian Development Bank

A new polygraphic style for Russian Development Bank was designed for calendar of 2008. Many images are referenced to artworks of M.C. Escher, Sandro del Prete and Rob Gonsalves.

Fractal trees

The  Pythagoras tree represents simple fractal structure consisting of squares. Also, there are many variations of fractal trees, which are consist of lines and curves.

The three-dimensional fractal tree above is constructed from lines. It belongs to L-system class of fractals. Associated as trunk and branches brown lines of the tree are elements of low generations of the fractal. Green lines are elements of higher generations of the fractal. They remind us leafs. So, the whole fractal structure resembles real tree.

The rainbow fractal Julius tree below was crated with help of the computer program Fractal Imaginator. The tree reminds rounded Pythagoras tree, where squares were replaced to thin rectangles. The tree fractal can be created not only with help of straight lines or rectangles, but also with help of curves and spirals. Below, you can see a title for the High School Course “Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey by Justin Curry and Curran Kelleher, where curved fractal tree is used. The spiral was chosen as base element for this fractal, which gives many elegant curls.

Tree optical illusion

The line that separates Murals (Trompe L’Oeil) and 3D Chalk Drawings is very thin, but horizontal/vertical rule is something that guides me , when deciding which category posts like this one belong to.
More specifically, if the realistic drawing is painted on the flat horizontal surface, I usually go with 3D Sidewalk Drawings. If the painted surface (that hides optical illusion) is vertical, and makes you believe what you are seeing is more than a painting, I usually categorize that post under Murals. Well, the rule doesn’t apply every time, but it helps to know that Murals are usually the ones painted on sides of the buildings. So, now you probably learned that being in command behind this website isn’t very sophisticated and intellectual work after all! Now enjoy this awesome Mural below! Illusions with trees are always fun! Especially this one.

Perspective in Renaissance art

In Rome , there are several wonderful examples of how Renaissance and Baroque artists were beginning to re-learn the lessons of perspective, which, had been discarded during the medieval period while artists focused on the social and religious dimensions of art.

Realistic perspective in paintings requires artists to understand a lot about the human vision system. If you can accurately portray perspective, you might just be able to build a jumbo-sized cathedral on a moderate-sized budget.

The most ambitious attempt at this could be the church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola of Rome. Looking at this detail from the church’s ceiling, you almost believe that it ascends to infinity.(picture above)

Unfortunately, the illusion only works from one point in the church. Once you start to move around, the illusion breaks down. Take a look at this view from under the church’s “dome”:

The formerly “straight” column is now awkwardly bent, revealing the artist’s clever deception. The ceiling of the church is actually nearly flat.

But the church designers saved big bucks with this design: a few painters are always cheaper than legions of stoneworkers and masons.

An even more impressive illusion was achieved in the Palazzo Spada, where the architect Francesco Borromini designed a columned passage to appear 35 meters long when it was in fact just 8 meters in length:

The floor of the hallway slopes upward, and the ceiling and walls converge. Even the “hedges” at the end of the hall are miniaturized, as is the sculpture in the center. Unfortunately the museum didn’t let visitors walk up the hallway for action photos, so I had to generate this picture from a postcard after the fact.

3D wall paintings illusions

wall paint

These are some really amazing 3 dimensional wall paintings that look real.
This could be a good option if you are running short of space & wish to give your limited space a much bigger look.

optical illusion

3d illusion

Playing with perspective. Amazing images

Nice photos taken by  a photographer to create an illusion, really looks funny.

Tree Optical Illusion

This look a unbelievable tree, isn’t in?. There are 2 trees, one is place back of the wall and the second one is in front of the wall, and a tree has been cutted so amazingly it look like an illusion