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Optical Illusions about the moon

optical illusion moon

I have collected differents Moon optical illusions and I think it´s a good idea posting them as a collection.
Each photo uses the Moon as an illusion in a slightly different manner.
This website is dedicated to optical illusions. Now if the illusion itself is good enough, I look at the picture (or photo) as a whole. It has to be visually keen, or plainly – look nice.
moon illusions

optical illusion

magical illsuion

20 Beautiful HDR Pictures


Looking around for some new HDR pictures and found this great one . You can see a serie of “20 Beautiful HDR Pictures“.

If you have good HDR pics feel free to send them in.

Playing with perspective. Amazing images

Nice photos taken by  a photographer to create an illusion, really looks funny.

Constructed Photographs (by Gillian Brown)

The photographs of Gillian Brown are specials; Why? you’d probably say at first. But look! don’t conclude things only at the first photo. Go reading and you’ll see few more photos of the same set – only seen from different perspectives.

The truth is that these aren’t just paintings painted over real life photos. How did the author achieve this? The 3D effect these images accomplish works only from certain angle of view.
If you remember our articles about Felice Varini , you’ll immediately recognize the technique and understand how they work.