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3D chalk urban artists

Constantly companies and associations email me proposals to hire me as their 3D chalk drawing contract-artist. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you people, but that’s just not my profession. You’ll probably get more success googling for Julian Beever or Kurt Wenner. Contact them, I’m sure they can help. You can see showcase of their recent stuff inside our “3D chalk Drawings Category”. One of the recent campaigns, where 3D chalk artist was hired to advertise a product can be seen directly below. Look at this “Journey to the Center of The Earth” sidewalk drawing. It surely attracts attention. This is yet another example how optical illusions can help advertisers market their product (something I was always trying to explain). I have added few more recent works, mostly by Beever and Kurt Wenner. We didn’t have much chalk drawings lately, so I hope this looks refreshing.

Kurt Wenner in London´s Waterloo Station

Loads of cash fall out and money notes flutter through the air.

Millions of pounds  out of a vault at London’s Waterloo Station stopped many commuters . But ,obviously , was another work of Kurt Wenner. We have already featured Kurt Wenner in  previous posts

. Kurt Wenner is former illustrator for the U.S. space agency NASA, who began street painting in Rome in 1982 and translated anamorphism – the technique used by artists to create the illusion of height – into a new way of painting to give depth. The art form became known as anamorphic, illusionistic or simply 3D art, and has gained huge popularity around the world. The drawing Kurt created was commissioned by company called “Compare The Market” to represent the £16 million their customers have saved this year so far. The vault took Wenner four days to create. This picture has to be viewed in 3D to get the full effect…

Tape art illusions

The amazing portraits were made by sticking small pieces of tape one over another. The more layers author attached one over another, the darker was the shade he achieved. It struggles me how detailed all of the portraits are, and it must have taken time and great amount of talent to create something so interesting . May be is not a real optical illusion but nice to be posted here