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Tree optical illusion

The line that separates Murals (Trompe L’Oeil) and 3D Chalk Drawings is very thin, but horizontal/vertical rule is something that guides me , when deciding which category posts like this one belong to.
More specifically, if the realistic drawing is painted on the flat horizontal surface, I usually go with 3D Sidewalk Drawings. If the painted surface (that hides optical illusion) is vertical, and makes you believe what you are seeing is more than a painting, I usually categorize that post under Murals. Well, the rule doesn’t apply every time, but it helps to know that Murals are usually the ones painted on sides of the buildings. So, now you probably learned that being in command behind this website isn’t very sophisticated and intellectual work after all! Now enjoy this awesome Mural below! Illusions with trees are always fun! Especially this one.

3D wall paintings illusions

wall paint

These are some really amazing 3 dimensional wall paintings that look real.
This could be a good option if you are running short of space & wish to give your limited space a much bigger look.

optical illusion

3d illusion