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Tattoos more realistics with shadows

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, here’s something you should know. Scary animals with subtle drop-shadows look much better than those without shadows. Above, you will see the original image, that this man has tattooed. Very cool, especially how the tail of the scary arachnid looks like it’s in the air and about to strike.

Hybrid Illusion : Leopard Elephant

At a far distance, the leopard above will regroup with its ghostly halo to form an elephant. The prominent texture of the leopard spots transform into a dark shadowy region on the underbelly of the elephant, as if he recently exited a lake nearby.
You can also try this by slowly closing your eyes a bit in front of this image.

David bailey , artist of tesellations

M.C. Escher was the first, who used figures of birds, fishes, lizards and other animals for artistic regular plane division. Many followers then created numerous tessellation images.

One of them is artist from England David Bailey. He creates his images in pen and watercolour.

The main motifs of his tessellations are birds.

The more complex constructions come in, when two distinct motifs are used in conjunction with each other.

Besides usual animals David Bailey uses imaginary creatures to create his wonderful artworks. Below you can see dinosaur-like creatures. The main distinguishing feature of this drawing is that only part of the image was used for animals, when other space shows only borders of elementary tiles. It helps to better understand, which kind of symmetry was used in every case.

Also he created several artworks, which reminds Escher’s artworks with mutable tessellations like Metamorphoses. The image below shows the same process as in Escher’s lithograph Development I. But David Bailey used birds as motif for his artwork instead of Escher’s lizards.

The reverse process is shown in the image below.
More images by David Bailey you see at his personal site http://www.tess-elation.co.uk/. Besides this you you read some articles about tessellation art and Escher’s artworks.

Playing with perspective. Amazing images

Nice photos taken by  a photographer to create an illusion, really looks funny.