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Hidden optical illusion of Jesus

In this Jesus face you can find the history of jesus, there are few hidden face of jesus and a statue also

7 Responses

  1. Wow, I am spellbound.
    you have made the wonderful portrait. My congratulations and deep respect .
    I would be proud of seeing you on my humble blog Candleday.
    I hope you too will enjoy my pictures. I am eagerly looking forward to your feedback.
    Thank you once again

  2. This may be a second message as the first one didn’t go through.
    Your picture of Jesus was awesome. Are any copies available for purchase? I have been calling around to various Christian bookstores, but have not been able to find a copy.

  3. […] Jesus optical illusions are usual , as you can see there is an illusion of Jesus in the wear and tear of the football pitch, it is not that hard to catch the image. […]

  4. this is really amazing.. i’ve ever seen.
    really this is so historical and interesting
    i like this.. i like this>>>>>.

  5. What is the copyright position on this picture. Please could we use it on a church Easter Card to be distributed in our local area?

  6. coooool

  7. I would love to find a quality print of this. Are there any for sale?

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