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Anamorfic realistics paintings from Kurt Wenner

Anamorfic realistics paintings from Kurt Wenner.

Great optical illusions


Trompe-l’oeil drawings by Julian Beever


Julian Beever is an English artist known worldwide for his amazing trompe-l’oeil on the street. He uses a technique named anamorphosis : he draws deformed works on the ground but which create an amazingly realistic 3D illusion when viewed from a specific angle. From this angle, the proportions of the drawing are correct too. This artist has made creations on a lot of countries all around the world and he has just released this year a book where he explains his techniques. You can see more creations on his website.



Floating cube in center

Based on the optical illusion  of  Gardner dragon , this floating cube.

Hanger convex or concave? Optical illusion

Got this incredible photo from spanish site Ilusiones opticas some days ago . Then I made a cropped version of it to strengthen the effect. Just look at the small thumbnail above. How easy it is to decide whether the doll-like hanger is convex or concave (embossed or embedded)? There should be no mistake if we decide it’s concave, right?

Unfortunately, our brain was fooled once again! This known effect has something to do with our brain processing the information of face-like objects, automatically rendering them to convex 3d models. We just can’t fight it.

Check the complete photo below! It’s almost impossible to notice where the concave part ends and (falsely presumed) convex part of the figure starts. Probably we saw so many faces during our life, it’s impossible to ignore the learned logic which constructs them 3-dimensionally in our head.

Escher Never Ending Staircase at nature

Great realistic photo-shopped optical illusions. Impossible structures are often posted to this blog, and they usually appear in two separate forms: either as real camera shots (made under proper angle, with no digital manipulation involved) or they are simply painted and don’t exist in real-life. This version is something in between. I can’t recall we had such a realistic digitally manipulated photos in the past.
Here link to one of his tutorials, where you can see in details how you can create a Never Ending Staircase yourself.

Emerging images from dots.Optical illusion

Emergence of images  refers to the unique human ability to aggregate information from seemingly meaningless pieces, and to perceive a whole that is meaningful. This special skill of humans can constitute an effective scheme to tell humans and machines apart. This paper presents a synthesis technique to generate images of 3D objects that are detectable by humans, but difficult for an automatic algorithm to recognize. The technique allows generating an infinite number of images with emerging figures. Our algorithm is designed so that locally the synthesized images divulge little useful information or cues to assist any segmentation or recognition procedure. Therefore, as we demonstrate, computer vision algorithms are incapable of effectively processing such images. However, when a human observer is presented with an emergence image, synthesized using an object she is familiar with, the figure emerges when observed as a whole. We can control the difficulty level of perceiving the emergence effect through a limited set of parameters. A procedure that synthesizes emergence images can be an effective tool for exploring and understanding the factors affecting computer vision techniques.

3D Anamorphic art by Tracy Lee Stum

A professional street painter, Tracy Lee Stum, best known for her 3D street paintings, also called anamorphic or pavement chalk art.
3D Anamorphic Street Paintings are illusionary 2-dimensional images that appear to become 3-dimensional when viewed from a fixed point through a camera lens. Tracy has been creating these types of chalk art images since she first started street painting and continues to challenge herself through this manner of visual expression.”

3D Anamorphic Street Paintings By Tracy Lee Stum

3D Anamorphic Street Paintings By Tracy Lee Stum

3D Anamorphic Street Paintings By Tracy Lee Stum