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Using the Sun to create art


For the filipino artist Jordan Mang-osan, sunlight is a tool to create art, the usa a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the Sun and burn the wood by way of engraving, the pictures made using this technique are impressive, although this technique needs long time working and it should be very accurate.


How to turn on/off a Polish town – an optical illusion

A Spanish artist named Escif created this mural for the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland.
Escif’s outdoor art is not meant to only be an illusion; instead it wants to make you think.
He quotes the philosopher Kant:
“Art is the chance to think regardless of concepts.”

Heike Weber room decorations

Utterly amazing installations by Heike Weber. She draws with permanentmarkers on acrylic floor and walls – surfaces that have reached up to 600 m2.


I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming these breathtaking installations must have been.

Ambigram (pinacogram)combining wordplay and artplay.

Ambigram (pinacogram)combining wordplay and artplay.

Wetsuits with optical illusions designs?

Have you ever given it a thought that why most of the wetsuits have a monotone design? Most wetsuits are designed to be functional and protective but there is nothing that says they can’t be creative? For a change, here are some creative and interesting wetsuit designs which are sure to be an alternative.

Creative Wetsuit Designs by Diddo: These wetsuit designs were created using custom inks and unique printing techniques to map original and lifelike textures onto suits that evoke the mysteries of the seas.

Star Wars tatoos

For those of you who are crazy about Star Wars, here is a collection of action-packed tattoos!

Neil´s Dawson art horizons

Horizons is the name of this piece of art by Neil Dawson . It is located in New Zealand on “The Farm,” a large private art park owned by Alan Gibbs, a New Zealand businessman.

Curious : If you can’t see the optical illusion you may have schizophrenia!