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Tatoo : Smokin’ Cat on Back


Genko‘s tattoos have various influences from traditional Asian art to cartoons and old school designs.

Tatoos , use them as shirts

Matt Jordan is known within the tattoo industry for his realistic portraits of people and animals.


Use this tatoos as shirts

Optical Illusions – Tattoos

See these interesting tattoos with optical illusions, it’s that bald men have a tattoo or tattoos on the head by creating an illusion that makes it seem that the tattoo is a face. My favorite is the guy with the alien face on the back of the head.

If ever I’m so drunk I decide to shave your hair and make a tattoo on his head should be this. Or a rose in bloom. Yes, definitely will be a horrifying alien or a rose in bloom. Or a unicorn. Or a dolphin. Or a unicorn riding a dolphin (yes, someone already made one like that!). There are so many possibilities!

Spider tatoos. Scary optical illusion

Beautiful tattoo for Foot, for those who love spider an optical illusions.
This kind of tattoos can be useful to scare people

Spider Tattoo Design For Foot

Tatoos in ears

Tatoos  are becoming a popular trend, especially with women today since you can cover them if you have long hair and there just isn’t a huge area to be worked on so it is a pretty fast process compared to other areas of the body

Anatomical tatoos ( creepiest)

Uterus tatoo.

Baby fetus tatoo.

Hand tatoo

Muscles arm tatoos

Maths in tatoos

This guy is a biochemist and molecular biophysicist.

The first line is the Born Oppenheimer Approximation (a method for simplifying calculation of the energy and molecular wave function of a molecule), the second line is the equation in the form of a 3-Dimensional Schroedinger Equation, and the solution in the form of a Schroedinger Equation (a wave function that yields probabilities of physical variables).

And finally, a navigator in the navy believes passionately that while we have GPS, sailors should still be able to navigate using the sun and stars.