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The magical shelf for books

The magical shelf optical illusion for books
It’s a real product. If you think about it real hard, you might be able to figure it out and make it for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it.

Silvercoin Illusion

In a  gallery of  optical illusions on Facebook,  one of the items that gained my attention was this Republic of Palau silver coin. The author behind Don Quixote motive (engraved on this coin) is great #Sandro Del Prete, and apart from the illusion, I was even more baffled with the Palau Republic.  I have never heard of Palau.  Oh, and the illusion should easily be seen, specially if you’re a Don Quixote fan, like I am…

Gray spots appearing in the real life. Optical illusion


Here’s a nice submission. This one was sent in by John Newman, who has seen this type of illusion hundreds of times around the net, but never in real life!
Remember when doing our duty, most of the time we let our thoughts slip by, and before you know it – illusions start appearing in front of our eyes! The thing is… do you see all those gray spots appearing at the white intersections below? They aren’t really there (just so that you know)…

Spider tatoos. Scary optical illusion

Beautiful tattoo for Foot, for those who love spider an optical illusions.
This kind of tattoos can be useful to scare people

Spider Tattoo Design For Foot

Optical design for the zoo

This poster holds an amazing and creative design for the zoo.

Neil´s Dawson art horizons

Horizons is the name of this piece of art by Neil Dawson . It is located in New Zealand on “The Farm,” a large private art park owned by Alan Gibbs, a New Zealand businessman.

Curious : If you can’t see the optical illusion you may have schizophrenia!

Emerging images from dots.Optical illusion

Emergence of images  refers to the unique human ability to aggregate information from seemingly meaningless pieces, and to perceive a whole that is meaningful. This special skill of humans can constitute an effective scheme to tell humans and machines apart. This paper presents a synthesis technique to generate images of 3D objects that are detectable by humans, but difficult for an automatic algorithm to recognize. The technique allows generating an infinite number of images with emerging figures. Our algorithm is designed so that locally the synthesized images divulge little useful information or cues to assist any segmentation or recognition procedure. Therefore, as we demonstrate, computer vision algorithms are incapable of effectively processing such images. However, when a human observer is presented with an emergence image, synthesized using an object she is familiar with, the figure emerges when observed as a whole. We can control the difficulty level of perceiving the emergence effect through a limited set of parameters. A procedure that synthesizes emergence images can be an effective tool for exploring and understanding the factors affecting computer vision techniques.