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Heike Weber room decorations

Utterly amazing installations by Heike Weber. She draws with permanentmarkers on acrylic floor and walls – surfaces that have reached up to 600 m2.


I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming these breathtaking installations must have been.

Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

Born in Japan but now living and working in New York City, artist Kumi Yamashita does incredible things with light and shadows. Kumi has an impressive list of solo and group shows sine the late 90s along with a host of permanent collections around the world.


Kumi received her bachelor in fine arts at the Cornish College of the Arts in Washington and obtained her masters in fine art from the Glasgow School of Art in the UK.

In her series entitled Light & Shadow, Kumi uses a single light source along with an assortment of perfectly placed objects to create incredible shadow silhouettes and artwork on walls. Please enjoy this small sample below, and be sure to visit Kumi’s official site for even more amazing artwork.

Shadowy Faces Made from Strainers


Using simple strainers, public sources of light and very steady hands; artist and sculptor Isaac Cordal creates incredible faces in colander baskets, placing them around London, using street lights to project shadowy figures onto sidewalks.

We’ve already featured Isaac’s brilliant work before, but in this series entitled Cement bleak, Isaac takes his street art to a completely different (but equally amazing) place from his well known miniature cement sculptures.

Tom French´s skull art

Why is it that romance and death go so well together in art? Perhaps it’s the idea that true love is eternal, which means that even in death the lovers will stay together. Or, maybe it’s because death will eventually conquer any romance, no matter how powerful. Maybe it’s that true love will lead us to do anything for our partner – even dying for them, just like Romeo and Juliet did. Or, perhaps it’s the simple contrast of something so dark with something so beautiful.


Whatever the reason, artist Tom French is a master of mixing the macabre with the saccharine, depicting romance after romance all blended in seamlessly with skull illusions.

Trompe-l’oeil drawings by Julian Beever


Julian Beever is an English artist known worldwide for his amazing trompe-l’oeil on the street. He uses a technique named anamorphosis : he draws deformed works on the ground but which create an amazingly realistic 3D illusion when viewed from a specific angle. From this angle, the proportions of the drawing are correct too. This artist has made creations on a lot of countries all around the world and he has just released this year a book where he explains his techniques. You can see more creations on his website.



Weird face tatoo ilusion


Surprisng tatoo

Tattoos , impossible images by Bradley Tompkins

Bradley Tompkins is the author of these impossible images at tatoos


The Force will be with you. Star wars tatoos


The colorful and realistic tattoo art of Steve Wimmer.



Face fat up , face thin down , only an illusion


Maybe you know  that faces are more difficult to recognize when they’re upside-down and that sometimes we misperceived the facial expressions of upside-down faces .

But  Peter Thompson ,  from the University of York (UK) discovered an amazing optical illusion !

We can name it  The Fat Face Thin illusion. Your assignment is to compare the upside-down face on the left of the lower figure with the upright face on the right. Have you noticed how the upside-down version looks much thinner?! Moreover it appears longer shaped than the upright version. Of course, there is no need to mention how both pictures are identical. This illusion illustrates the internal features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth) can distort our perception of face shape.

Color change or movement ?

This is a wonderful optical illusion from the Ilusiones opticas site… although the outer dots look like they are moving, in reality, they are simply changing colour.