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Tattoos , impossible images by Bradley Tompkins

Bradley Tompkins is the author of these impossible images at tatoos



M.C. Escher on a tarot card

Tarot card based in Escher by Ulises Sarry

Sandro del Prete´s optical illusion

Sandro del Prete ilusiones opticas

I’ve been posting Sandro Del Prete’s optical illusion artworks for a  long time. Today I bring you one of his awesome impossible paintings, not so many people even heard of.   Now little bit of Sandro’s biography.

Sandro Del-Prete was born in 1937, and is a Swiss artist who paints figures, situations and processes that cannot exist in the real world. Comparisons can be drawn between Del-Prete and Escher’s artwork, although they differ in subject matter, style, mood and technique. Del-Prete greatly admires Escher and believes that they are ‘kindred spirits’, however the viewer will find very little mathematical precision in Del-Prete’s work, something that is always present in Escher’s work.

Impossible figure by Patrick Hoff

optical illusion

Impossible figure , by Patrick Hoff

Impossible figures on calendars


Designers in Russian company Gazdevice , which produces gas equipment, created company calendar with Reutersvärd-style impossible figures. The slogan of the company is “Unreal is real”.

3D impossible object in flat shape

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This wood work by Hans de Koning show an effect 3D to make the impossible figure but in a different way. Usually this kinds of impossible objects are three-dimensional shapes in which you must look from the correct angle to apreciate the effect.

His works, however are flat, but he uses different kinds of wood to make three-dimensional effect. Wood planks with different hues imitate sides slope and opacity of the impossible figure.

You can see more his work in his Picasa album and at the site Impossible World.

Adding to photo-montages

Adding to the past post of magic photomontages